?Hey there, I’m Janae

I’m a digital / web-app product manager, ceramicist, and avid emoji-user ?. I stumbled into the world of product management by accident (and luck). It turns out that it takes a ton of my interests; UI/UX design, research & experiments, code, and working with teams, and makes a career out of it.

Over the last few years as I’ve learned the ropes of Agile software development, corporate jargon, and the subtle art of writing my own performance reviews, I’ve decided it’s time to spend a bit more time documenting my growth and flexing my own creative muscles outside my 9-5.

Janae smiling in front of sunflowers

This website is a hybrid of work-janae and off-work-janae, more of a record for my own sake. Happy to have you here!

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And because some features never go out of style (thanks to MySpace the trailblazer), here’s what I’m currently listening to.