While living in Tampa, I fell in love with something I never thought I would: open mics. I would frequent them around the area and found friends and talent that I never thought I would. One of those talents is Kayla Korpics. At the time, she was in the same position as me: new to the music scene and eager to make a name for herself. Except she actually did. She’s so talented that I felt she needed to be out on the web a little more. And I loved her style so much that I couldn’t wait to make her something “edgy”.

In the end, she found someone else to make her website, but I’m still quite proud of my design. I wish I could have seen it come to fruition.

This first shot was the home screen, and the next is the action of hovering over the white.

This was the mock-up for the inner site. If only I had the coding skills to make this from scratch in a reasonable amount of time…

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