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Preston’s Pies

This website was really rushed because I needed to create a website for an online business class I took. I made it from a WordPress theme. It's still live at ...


I made this pamphlet for a Typography class I took. The whole project can be found ...

Hypothetical Business Card

Having a few typographical requirements because of the class it was for, this business card isn't one that I

Website Design-Typography Class

Another school project: website mock-up.  This theoretical blog post was designed in InDesign with paragraph

Banack Photography Trip

I took a trip to the ghost town of Banack, WY and took a few shots that I really loved. A little snapshot that  I didn't take, but I liked of ...

Fashion Blog

This blog was created for a friend of mine who loves fashion and style. I both created and designed www.gabriellie.com. Below are a few screenshots from the website. I initially started with a free WordPress theme, but created a child theme and customized it to Ellie's ...